Monday, January 28, 2013

Back off, old man.

Do you ever come to the startling realization that you have a really big mouth? Maybe you're not the same as I, but it seems like I manage to open my mouth and get into trouble on a regular basis.

I was in Walmart the other day, and came across an older gentleman who was absolutely smitten with Milo. He couldn't get over how cute he was, how polite he was, how he was wearing a hat, etc. etc. etc. He looked at me and asked, "Is he your only child?"

"Yes, sir," I replied, "but we're expecting a little girl in June."

"Well, I can see that," he answered, with a smirk at my growing tummy. I thought about kicking him, and then realized that just a polite smile might be in better taste. But boy, did I tell my mom about it later, and ended by mentioning, "I wanted to tell him, 'Back off, old man. Mind your business.'" That was the end of it, and I didn't think about it again until yesterday.

Yesterday, when Nate turned down the music in the car and asked, "Kate, what is Milo saying?" It took me a minute, and then I realized that he was saying in a sweet little sing-song voice, "Back off, old man. Mind your business." Over and over and over again. Between stifling laughs, Nate managed to choke out, "Kate, you have got to be more careful what you say in front of Milo!"

Now, let me just say, he heard this phrase one time, and I didn't know that he had overheard to begin with. He just has a knack for catching me at my, ahem, better moments... Let's hope he forgets this one in a hurry, right?

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