Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I'm still in awe that it's 2013, and this is the year we'll add another little person to the Jackson family. In fact, I had my monthly check-up today, and the sprout is happy, healthy, and extremely wiggly. We'll be able to find out in the next few weeks whether we're giving Milo a brother or sister for my birthday.

And Milo turned two! I managed to go the entire day without crying, but maybe because I've already spent months crying about this one. He had a wonderful day, got spoiled with gifts and lots of love, and had an overall awesome time.

Milo and Daddy, playing with the Little People farm. We had to buy it for him after he played with it at the Lewis's and spent the night after we left yelling, "Mommy, get the farm!"

An amazingly over-the-top gift from Ira, Sean, Emma Kate, "Aunt B," "Den-den," and Drew. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Milo is either sitting in it or driving it at all times.

Milo has loved baby Emma Kate since before she was born and was so thrilled to hold her!

Milo loves to tell everyone that he's two.

Every time Milo sees this picture he tells me, "Messy hands!"

Milo also loves playing with his own tool bench.

Everything has to be Cars these days, including his water bottle, chair, and shirt.

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