Saturday, July 11, 2015

Woman in Gold

Have you seen this movie? Wow. Wow wow wow. Nate and I watched it last night and I was pretty much floored. It combined multiple things I enjoy - art, World War II history, and true stories.

I remember being so horrified by the Holocaust when I studied it in high school. I couldn't get enough information because I was stunned that something so evil could have transpired, and even more stunned by the people who allowed it to happen. I'm German. Overwhelmingly German, in fact, and I have no idea whether my family fled, participated, or resisted. I'd like to think that my ancestors passionately helped people escape, but there's no telling, and I digress...

Imagine what would happen if a Jewish woman tried to recover the possessions stolen from her family by the Nazis, including great works of art now seen as symbols of the Austrian people. There you go. Please watch this. It's amazing.

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  1. Watched it! Loved it! Thanks for the recommendation!