Thursday, April 9, 2015

My sweet Lucy

This is my sweet Lucy.

She scowls at strangers, but waves and giggles at little old men.

She mostly wants Mommy, but she always has extra snuggles for someone whose spirit needs it.

She waves her arms when she's frustrated, but she pats my back gently when I rock her before bed and tangles her tiny fingers in my hair when I hold her.

She has the most amazing, high-pitched scream when she's upset, but is the first to follow Milo around, clapping her hands and telling him, "Good job, Milo!"

She's a whirling dervish of energy, dancing and singing, jumping and shouting, "Watch!" to anyone who's near, but I hear at least ten times a day, "I hold you, Mommy?"

She talks in complete sentences, but loves to use one word at a time, always with "ha" in front. "Ha-juice?" "Ha-fip-fops?" "Ha-Mommy?"

She will climb or tackle just about anything, but she'll do it with a purse in her hand.

Her smile is like sunshine.

Her voice is strong and sweet.

She's my little Lucy light, and though she may be tiny, she shines brightly.

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