Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday already?

 WOW, have I not posted in over a week? Perhaps you can imagine how busy it's been around here, then. Poor Lucy ran a fever on Monday and Tuesday (which completely freaked me out given the febrile seizure she had last year), and I was hoverMom to the millionth degree. Seriously. The poor girl was so tired of me chasing her around with the thermometer that she probably got well just to avoid it. She's been after-sick cranky and coughing ever since, and I feel like I've been a full-time referee breaking up fights between Milo and Lucy... Anyway, in the midst of my stressed-out non-stop headache kind of week, I did a little project to chill a bit. Pardon the atrocious lighting and just look at my sweet little lady.

I know. She's perfect, right?

I'm still learning to crochet, and I made and re-made these little mitts at least four times. I was getting better at pulling out the entire thing than I was crocheting it.

Also, just in case you were concerned about not having seen Milo in a bit, here's a little photo montage for you. This little man is sunshine and giggles all the time. And he does toilets...

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