Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hats hats hats (part 2)

I asked Milo what kind of hat he wanted, because he's been feeling a little left out with all this girly knitting and crocheting I've been doing here lately. I mean, it's been legwarmers, frilly hats, and headbands galore, so I'm not surprised at all that Milo requested something ALL BOY - a tiger hat. I had to comply, and he hasn't taken it off most of the day (except when I commandeered the hat to correct the lopsided ears that I sewed on at 1:30 a.m.).

So photogenic it's ridiculous.
One more shot of the girly hat.
While I'm talking about these little punkins, I have to pass on a few Milo-isms and a few Lucy words.

Smooky - spooky. As in, "Mommy, I think they were trying to make that episode of Penguins of Madagascar a little smooky, but I wasn't scared."
Fancy Stick - a Pixie stick. I'm not sure why he heard "fancy" instead of "pixie," but I couldn't be happier.
Coco Stick - a pogo stick. Again, not sure why he heard this, but I love it.

Ahh-boooo - open. I keep Lucy's kitchen toys in a Tupperware bin with a lid, and she's constantly grabbing the bin and asking me to "ahh-boooo" it.
Moo - cow. For obvious reasons.
Buh-buh - book. I know that Lucy loves books, but I've never seen her face while I'm reading them. The other day I had her sit facing me and put the book up against my chest. She was the model of concentration, tiny brows furrowed, lips puckered...
Mow Mouse - Mickey Mouse. Adorable.

So there you go. Cute pictures, cute stories. You're welcome.

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