Saturday, September 13, 2014

Working it (and by IT I mean yarn)

I have been desperately trying to knit/crochet Fall in. Today's weather is at least in the 70s, so maybe it's working? Anyway, I have knit my entire life (that I remember). It is one of those amazing stress-relieving skills that I don't have to think much about. Until recently, I've only dabbled in crocheting - mostly because it was just plain outside of my comfort level. I made flowers to put on knit hats, and that's about it. But I found a pattern for a pair of adorable crocheted slippers that I was determined to make, so I bought the pattern and hoped for the best.

It took me a little while, and a lot of research on YouTube (how did people ever learn to do anything before YouTube?), but I figured out the slippers. And then I tried a pair of legwarmers for Lucy. And then I found the cutest little cowl/bandana pattern that I decided Lucy and I both needed. It took me an entire day of crocheting rows and pulling them back out before I got the technique down, but I'm proud to say that Lucy and I now have matching cowldanas. I only took pictures of Lucy's because she's WAY cuter than I am. Case and point...
Seriously. The most beautiful little girl alive.

I'm sure she was giving a thumbs-up on purpose, right?

Little asymmetric button-up on the side.

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