Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hats hats hats

It's bound to happen. You make your daughter an adorable, girly little hat...

Does this hat need little pom-poms at the bottom of the ear flaps? I'm thinking yes...

 ...and she decides it's much cooler to wear her brother's hat(s) instead. We are, indeed, a hat-loving family, so it's good to know Lucy fits in so well around here.

Had to play around with this one a bit.
Yes, they literally hang around here with random hats on, despite the hot weather.

Good thing Lucy looks so cute in every hat.

Have I mentioned how much these two adore each other? It's getting easier to have them both in the same picture.

And then there's this hat-wearing little man. So sweet, so funny, so handsome. And looking FAR too old.

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