Thursday, October 2, 2014

In character

Milo could hands-down, 100% be an actor (not that I would EVER condone this). My child can pretend like nobody's business, and he does not break character. We've been the Penguins of Madagascar a lot lately... Milo assigned parts for each of us. He, of course, is the boss - Skipper. Nate is Kowalski because he's the tallest, I'm Rico because I'm the next tallest (and if you've ever seen the show, this means I get to vomit up random items - Milo expects me to deliver), and Lucy is Private because she's the littlest.

I could tell something was really on Milo's mind this morning when he came out of his room. Completely naked. Puzzled face. "Mommy, penguins do not wear any clothes."

"That's true, Milo."

"No clothes. No shorts, no shirt, no socks. Not even undies."

"You're right, Milo. But I think now is the time to talk about the difference between a real live penguin, and a little man pretending to be a penguin. Because you are actually a person, you have to wear at least undies."

He thought about this for a while, and really seemed to get it. So, deal. Undies in the house, clothes in public. Good to go. And it's nice to know that he's both an actor and a scholar - I can at least reason with him.

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