Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Monday photo blast

Geez Louise, I have some pretty little people. And Milo has been delighted lately because Lucy loves playing dress-up as much as he. In fact, if she even spots Milo's hat or boots, she marches around saying, "boooooots" as pitifully as possible until someone has mercy on her and digs out her boots (me). Plus she wears around the big black hat and just hangs out in it pretty often.
This was the "cowboy parade." Milo demanded it. What you don't see is me in my big floppy beach hat because Milo was out of cowboy hats and that was the closest thing I had. It was Milo's request, so how could I say no?
Oh, beautiful cowgirl.
 The weather has also been gorgeous. Normally I gripe this time of year because I want REAL fall. I just gave in and am enjoying the 70s and 80s instead of chilly and crisp. What else can you do? Well, besides gripe and complain, but this is much more satisfying. Besides, look at these happy campers.

And Nate spent some time the other day trying to get both of our little people to be still for a photo at the same time (it's a job, people). I'd say he came up with a pretty fabulous picture that completely captures these huge personalities.

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