Monday, October 27, 2014

The beginning of the Lego era

Have you ever spent $6 and felt completely gratified for an entire week? Because I bought Milo his very first little regular Lego building set last week and he was so busy, so enthralled, that it was probably the best $6 I've ever spent. He and I sat down with the little instruction book that showed how to build the car, and as I pointed at the pictures, he put the entire thing together all by himself. I was so impressed with him! And then he played with it, pulled it apart, put it back together in different ways... I understand now why little boys have gobs of Legos and am fully supportive of Milo having as many as possible. Plus, can I be honest? While I don't just love playing army men or driving toy cars around (unless we've built an amazing ramp or something), I could sit and build with Legos all day long. Win win here, people.

Look at these baby hands. Are they even old enough for this?

INTENSE. And look at the duplo blocks on the floor - those were Lucy's. She loves to build as well!

SO serious about these Legos. They're a big deal.

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