Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunny afternoons

Two posts in one day - you probably don't know what to do with yourself, right? But I couldn't resist. Despite feeling somewhat yucky, the gorgeous weather beckoned Milo and I outside, and when Nate got home for lunch, we all had a picnic in the backyard. Milo literally kept squealing out loud because it was all the things he loves - eggs and pears (for lunch), Daddy and Mommy, and outside. After we ate, Milo encouraged us all, "Daddy, Mommy - let's go run!" Do you know anyone who could say no to that? So we did. We ran around the yard, Milo slid down the slide, and then the boys got on the trampoline for a few minutes (an activity Milo adores doing with Nate). All in all, a fantastic late morning/early afternoon.

This, my friend, is the face of ALL BOY.

Both delighted.

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