Thursday, March 14, 2013


A picture is worth a thousand words, and had I gotten a shot of this one, you would have loved it. Alas, my words will have to do this time…
Milo is my best “helper,” and he loves to assist with the laundry. And by assist I mean he hunts out his bibs and socks to put away, and then hangs my underwear around his neck and dances around the house. When I’m really lucky, he also dumps all the clothes I’ve just folded onto the floor so that I have the delightful opportunity to fold them twice, but I digress.
So imagine Milo’s excitement yesterday when, in addition to a plethora of panties (I finally found and washed my bag of BIG undies from the last pregnancy), he also found a giant bra (thank you, pregnancy, for giving me a distractingly large rack). He managed to wrestle it around his neck, and there it hung by one shoulder strap, causing one huge cup to rest just over his tummy.
I could already see the wheels turning as he looked back and forth from himself to me, patting the cup tenderly, until he finally had to say it. “Wook, mommy! I got a Woosie, too!”

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  1. I literally just laughed out loud at work. I can totally picture that in my head and it totally made my night :)