Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden Party

Today was GARDEN DAY, oh joy of joys. I've been thinking about a garden for years (and possibly you remember my drought-year garden that produced the two tiniest red peppers I've ever seen?), and it finally worked out this year. And what I mean by that is, I asked our friend Megan if they had a tiller and a few days later she texted and said, "Hey, Gabe said he'll come till up your garden for you." Cue yesterday, when the fabulous Gabe really did show up and till up my very own patch of garden!

Nice and large for a first garden! This isn't even quite all of it.

Milo and I headed out first thing this morning and I sorted through the soil and pulled out the weeds and these crazy intense weed-vines that infiltrated (seriously, so disturbing, as I thought they had only taken over our fence last year). Then I hoed the heck out of the garden, finally making rows for my seeds. Then Milo, Sarah, Lily, Kaylee, Braylen, and Delaney all helped me plant! (And by the way, Delaney, thanks for planting my green beans in your super-cute outfit... It's a good thing you left before the hose came out.)

So we are almost finished! Just going to buy tomato plants and a pot for herbs on Sunday, and then we'll get everything in the ground and ready to sprout. I am exhausted, and let's be honest - I've never felt so pregnant. Then I saw a picture Sarah took and realized how really pregnant I am (I don't allow too many photos for the sake of my own vanity).

Happy weekend to you!

Milo isn't perplexed - just intensely scowling about the sun in his face.

Wearing gloves makes me feel capable of getting all the way in the dirt.

Yes, this is posed... But it's pretty much how it went down.

Sooooooooo pregnant. And in unflattering super-baggy jeans...

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