Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello, my blog. I've missed you.
You might ask what I've been doing, and I could give you a simple answer.
Or I could tell you I've been driving and driving, visiting with some of my favorite people, taking a few photos, attending the grand opening of the first H&M in Texas, eating more than I needed, running less that I should have, and learning what a trooper my little man is.

Nate had a business trip in the Dallas area (I'm still not officially sure where we ended up), and Milo and I tagged along for fun. And it was fun. And now we're back and I'm avoiding housework and cooking for one more day, while attending to the laundry (it never ends, people). So, if you'll excuse me, I owe myself a nap. I'll catch you up later, but right now, just wanted you to know I'm alive.

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