Monday, June 6, 2016


My little people say the most amazing, precious things. They're full of care and concern for other people, and they surprise me with their insight. Plus they're just plain hilarious.

Lucy saw a stray cat in a parking lot while we were eating ice cream at Orange Leaf the other night. She looked at me with her nose all wrinkled up and said, "Mommy, that poor little kitty needs help. We should pray for him." And then she proceeded to tell God that that "poor sweet little baby kitty" needed him to help him find his way home. Heart melted.

And then Milo, after watching an episode of Octonauts (Have you seen this? If you have little people, you have to look it up because it's adorable and teaches about marine life.) that included a treasure hunt, told me, "Mommy, really, the greatest treasure we could ever have is the Torah. And, of course, time with Mommy and Daddy." Again, heart melted.

They're dressed up as spies today. Milo is in black pants, a dark tee shirt, and a spy vest. Lucy is in a floral print romper and a giant pink bow headband, her choice. She told me she's a "princess spy." I think her cover is sound, don't you?

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