Monday, June 20, 2016

Just a little rant

Blargh. Do you ever have those moments that remind you that you pretty much have no control over anything in life?

Like, when you order your daughter's birthday present at the beginning of the month and spend multiple conversations with customer service to find the dang birthday present that still isn't at your house and they have no clue where it is either... And they tell you, "We can TRY to get it to you by then, but we can't guarantee it..." And no matter how much you explain to Toys 'r Us that you can't go with a non-guarantee when it's in regard to your daughter's 3rd birthday present, they just don't seem to care? (Yes, I am calling you out, Toys'rUs because I am super ticked right now.) My tummy hurts because I'm frustrated and concerned that Lulu will have nothing but a Leapster game to open on her birthday with no Leapster to play it on.

So, that's been my morning (and another morning last week, too) in a rant nutshell. How about yours?

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