Tuesday, June 7, 2016

One of those...

Do you ever just have those moments with your children?

You know, when they've disobeyed in the same way for the umpteenth time? Or they've carelessly broken something? Or been unwise with their words?

Lucy Jane and I have had a rough few days. She hasn't been listening, therefore disobeying, and on top of that, peeing her pants left and right (keep in mind she's been potty trained for going on a year now...). I have been frustrated with her, which only makes her shut down, so I feel like we're going in circles.

Today I prayed for patience as she threw a wolloping fit, and went to lay her down for her nap. As we rocked for a minute, I reminded her, "Lucy, your job is to obey. And I know you're going to remember next time. So let's focus on keeping dry undies after nap and obeying Mommy without throwing fits."

She snuggled in under my chin as I kept talking, then sat straight up and met my eyes. "But Mommy, I don't LIKE to disobey." And somehow that just soothed my spirit and made me feel so bad for her. The learning curve is hard, especially when no one is doing things according to your two-almost-three-year-old plan. So I'll continue to discipline her and know that she's going to get it, because she wants to do things right.

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