Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All aboard the potty train

So this is happening today...

And when I say this, I mean more of an under the clothes situation and less on top. Lucy was practicing last night, because she can't wait to "get on the potty train" (I'm hoping the reality of the experience isn't a let-down, because riding a potty train sounds much cooler than just peeing on the little potty).

Believe me, I've been putting this off. I was fully prepared to wait until Lucy was twelve (or somewhere around there) because I really really disliked potty training Milo (totally NOT his fault - Nate had just broken his knee and it was the day after we got back from that fateful vacation, so perhaps my timing wasn't grand). And also, she's still my little baby girl and I don't want her to grow up so fast.

But Lucy is ready. So ready that she tells me every time she wets her diaper and cries if I don't change her immediately. So I guess I'd better just get on board the potty train with her, eh?

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