Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anyah is 1!

I am really blessed to have some people in my life whom I absolutely adore and want to shower with lovely things all the time. Since I'm not made of money, I have to get a little more creative... One of these people is my amazing friend Amanda, and her baby girl just turned 1 (ahhhhh!). I'm no professional photographer (not by a loooooong stretch - but if you need a fantastic pro, you should see my friend Delaney, who is ridiculously good), but I wanted to do a few pictures of Anyah for her since pictures of my little people are always one of my favorite gifts.

Anyway, as previously mentioned, I'm no pro, and I did, indeed, make Anyah cry most of the time. I'm either too funny looking or not funny looking enough, I guess. I felt a little heartbroken when I went home to edit, because I had been so excited to give these to Amanda since I love her and her children so very much. When I woke up today, though, I was determined that some lemonade was going to be made, and I think I was a little too dramatic about the whole thing to begin with because Anyah is so adorable it doesn't matter what she's doing. Even if she's doing this...

Haha! I will confess, this is my fault, although I'm not entirely certain what I did... But guess what? I got some pictures anyway and had a blast editing them because of the gorgeous bright colors. Again, let me stress, I AM  NOT A PRO. I'm sure there are a million things we could all nitpick about these, but for what it's worth, I'm so proud of them. And I adore this tiny little nugget and her mommy as well.

From crying to gorgeous in a matter of minutes.
Balloons. They're my go-to.

SUCH a pretty baby. I'm pretty sure she's grinning at her daddy here.

Love. Love love love.

This grin is perfect.

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