Wednesday, January 26, 2011


SHHHHHHHH!  He's finally asleep!
Milo has decided to remove himself from any sort of rational schedule the last few days, and instead is on a sleep fast.  He's not afraid to scream for an hour at a time and refuse to take a nap at all.  Keep in mind, the child is only 4 weeks old today.  What on earth?  I'm bewildered, to say the least.  But after an extremely rough morning, he's finally asleep.  Poor sweet baby.  And poor sweet mommy who is just trying to be an awesome mommy and somehow feels stumped on what to do for him in this situation.  AHHHHH!!


  1. Just hold him. He'll sleep when he needs it. Take him for a car ride. You can't spoil him yet! All babies go thru this. See if he wants to eat more often. Do you have a front carrier where you can carry him around with you as you do stuff around the house?

  2. Leona told me Nate came by the clerk's office and was so happy about the baby. I said what baby? Milo!!! I am so happy that you 2 decided to have a baby! So tonight I stalked your inlaws down on FB looking for a pic of Milo and I saw your blog.

    He is beautiful!! You look wonderful! Love the pictures! Congrats and enjoy him. My oldest baby will be 17 next week, I look UP at him and wonder where did the years go. So I agree with Doug and Aimee. HOlD him, these sweet precious days go by so fast and then he is crawling, walking, running, climbing and too busy to sit still for long in mommy's lap.
    Tell Nate hello for me.
    Michele Smith