Monday, May 18, 2015

Monsoon Monday

Happy Monsoon Monday! Seriously, we have had the most intense spring. I think it's my fault because I'm trying to grow plants, and whenever I do, something goes amuck with the weather. The first garden I had there was a massive drought. Now I've got a container garden and it's all I can do to dump out the soggy pots when it stops raining long enough. I will say, though, that all-day thunderstorms are much more pleasant in my book than a record year for consecutive days in the 100s...

Anyway, all the playing inside has made my little people a little tired of their toys, so we're having to get creative. Today we got out some costumes and they wrestled and ran in them for a while. Thank you, Auntie Jen, for these fabulous hand-me-downs!

This little outfit was so huge on Lucy that we had to double roll the legs up.

This is Milo's monkey face. I think he's trying to channel Curious George.

Nothing but love.
Also, today was day 1 of reaching into my bare-bones closet, and I didn't mind a bit. Granted, my outfit is less than life-changing, but no worries. I've had this shirt since right after Milo was born, and I never fail to reach for it, regardless of the season. I think I'll wear this one until it gives up.

Monsoon hair, don't care.

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