Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When I was a kid in school, I remember my teachers always having "ketchup days." I couldn't ever figure out why they called them that, but I guess I assumed it was for a grown-up to know. Just recently I realized what they were really saying. "Catch-up days." Funny how much more sense that makes.

I forgot to tell you that when we went to visit the Hopkins, Paul took Milo and Lily fishing. Milo was super excited, especially since he actually caught something. He has talked about it ever since...

How cute are they?

See that tiny little fish? Extra tiny compared to Milo's GIANT smile...

This is how they got to the lake. Lol. Maybe we'll bring Milo's bike next time?

Lucy was just content to hang out, play with Lily's toys, and gaze at baby Hannah a bit. My sweet girl loves a baby.

And, as a side note, here's a day 2 capsule wardrobe photo. I'm not going to lie - I chose this photo because it made my legs look the best. And I found the exact denim shorts I needed to complete my wardrobe, so there you go. Full disclosure. My legs looking good are more important than you seeing my face. And I bought a pair of shorts (actually, my sweet, wonderful, ridiculously handsome husband bought them) on my first day of capsule wardrobe. How about that.

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