Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Any guesses as to what I've been doing? Well, for one thing, weeping my way through another of Milo's birthdays... That's right. This little guy is three now!
AHHHH! 3! So old and so handsome.
We got Milo a tiny little bike for his birthday and he's had a blast learning to ride it. He caught on pretty quickly, and now he peddles furiously up and down the street.

I had a moment during the day... Massive headache that came on with blurry vision and a little speech trouble for a sec... So Milo's giant birthday party ended up being just a few family members. Nate shut it down, and as bad as I felt about that, Milo didn't seem to mind a bit.

See? Didn't mind at all. He still got gifts.

Mask? Check. Cape? Check. Light-up sword? Check. This boy has got it made.
 I, of course, can not leave out updates on my sweet Lucy. This little lady has tried rice cereal (and let's just be honest - she's over it), and spent lots of time snuggling with her grandmas.

Nana and Sweet Lu

Snuggling with Nonnie in matching pjs
And then there's the great haircut of 2013. I realized when I looked in the mirror one day that I looked exactly like 1990's Alanis Morissette. And there's no way to have that be a good thing. Since I've been wearing it up non-stop, and since it gets spit up in or swung from at least once a day, I thought I might as well lose some length for a while and have a less headache-inducing ponytail. So, without further ado, my little haircut.

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