Friday, December 27, 2013


You know what I love about kids? Their complete lack of filter. They'll say absolutely anything, any time. Take, for example, Milo on our trip to HEB this morning. I noticed a pretty foul smell and bent down to whisper to him, "Milo, do you have poo-poo?"

Milo turned up his nose and replied, "No, Mommy. WHY?" And then I saw it register.

"EWWWWW, Mommy. What is that smell? It smells like eggs!" Now, if you had made that smell, you'd probably already be turning a few shades of red, right? But he wasn't finished. No, he started turning to the customers around us in the aisle and asking each one, "Was that you? Did you do that? Did YOU?"

I had to turn tail and run out of that aisle, and I'm pretty sure we left without at least three things on my list because there was no turning back.

And then there was sweet Lucy, asleep on me in the little front carrier. Lulu is just like me in that, when she's good and peacefully asleep, she looks like an angel. An angel with her mouth wide open. We passed a little old Southern woman who said, "Oh, ain't she sweet? Lawd, they grow up too fast. I remember when mine were that small."

She paused and said, "Oh baby, shut her mouth for her."

I laughed, thinking she was joking, until she said, "No, really, shut that baby's mouth. It's open so wide ALL the germs are going to get in."

Great trip.

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