Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

Hi! Hope you aren't tired of seeing pictures of these little people, because I'm quite the fan of both. We spent some time with Nate's Dad yesterday, and I always mentally pair him with a cowboy hat. I bribed Milo with three M&M's to put the hat on and take a picture. He was a bit skeptical, but I thought he looked pretty cute.

Lucy is doing a great job sitting up by herself. I pad the area with pillows because she still gets really excited and tips herself over every now and then, but it's like the technique just clicked for her. Can you believe this little cutie is 6 months old today? And Milo will be 3 next Sunday. EEEEEK! Time is going entirely too fast for me. And no, she's not wearing pants. Don't judge.

We took a hiatus from letter-learning for a bit because we would make craft after craft, talk about the letters we learned, and then Milo would promptly refuse to tell me what letter it was. But this child loves a craft, so we're back in business. Learning the letters will just be an added bonus.

Look at my dynamic duo. They absolutely adore each other, and it shows.

Last but not least, Lucy thinks this Scentsy hippo is the best thing ever. It's hands-down her favorite toy. Now Nate and I just have to decide on a name for her. I'm fairly confident we call her something different every single time.

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