Monday, December 2, 2013

Hanukkah Hats!

I took a teeny little break from my 10-hat knitting order (EEEEEEEK!) to whip up a few little things for my little people. I couldn't say no, especially when Milo specifically asked for a hat with this fantastic blue yarn... And the result was perfect. I used the same brown for the stripes in Milo's hat and the body of LucyLu's hat, so they're complimentary but not matching. I couldn't be more pleased, and they were both so delighted that it made my late night last night finishing them completely worth it. In fact, Milo hopped out of the tub tonight and put his hat straight back on (with nothing else, mind you - got to keep that head warm).
Look at my gorgeous family!!!!!

Never mind my disheveled hair and non-makeup look. I wasn't intending to be in a picture at all but Nate insisted since I was the creator.

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