Friday, November 29, 2013

Anthro Pommed Peak Beanie

I have been in a bit of a knitting frenzy lately. I've had orders rolling in for all kinds of hats and headbands, and I've spent so much of my time making all kinds of things for other people. In fact, that's what I always do! But I saw this hat in the Anthropologie catalog and knew that I absolutely had to have it. At $38, though, I knew it wasn't happening any time soon...
It's gorgeous, right? If you absolutely have to have it for yourself, click here.
So, with nothing left to do but figure this thing out for myself, I grabbed some knitting needles, the Anthro catalog, and my favorite plum yarn and got down to business creating my own copycat pattern. I think it turned out all right. And since I was actually wearing some (leftover from yesterday) eye makeup, what a perfect time to take a picture.
The cable knit detail is my favorite part.

Voila! Copycat hat.
I've realized that all I need is a bigger pom on top and I'll be good to go. And all that for the cost of a $6 ball of yarn and my valuable time and effort. Now let's see how long I can hang on to this without giving it away...

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  1. The second picture you posted of you looking off to the side was a reminder to me of how much Milo looks like you! Love the hat by the way :)