Friday, January 24, 2014

Milo's Friday Surprise

Something magical happened last night, and this morning we woke up with snow. WHAT? It almost never snows here, and definitely not this much.

Milo wanted to go outside first thing this morning. We were out maybe 3 minutes and I made the mistake of telling him, "After we play in the snow, we drink hot cocoa." Well, that was it. He was ready to head inside immediately. After I got him undressed and he had a few swigs of cocoa, he was ready to go back out... Of course. 

Tickled about wearing Daddy's gloves
I waited until Lucy went down for a nap and then we spent some time making a snowman, kicking a ball, and just running around in general.

Milo and his creation

Our adorable little lopsided Texas snowman

When we came back in, Milo told me he was ready for some cocoa, and I mentioned that he had already had some. He replied, "But Mommy, I played outside for long enough to have some cocoa. You said this morning in the backyard that when we play outside in the snow, then we get cocoa." So, just for today, we're drinking cocoa twice. Drink up, little man. Don't know that this will ever happen again.
Cocoa aftermath

Happy Friday!

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