Monday, September 9, 2013

Carnies and Cotton Candy

Ladies and gentleman, it's been a year since we took our family photos at the VFW carnival. It's been an eventful year since that time. Is it even possible that it's been an entire year? Last year I was newly with sprout and didn't even know it. This year I got to carry my little bundle around in the front pack with me. And look how big Milo has grown since then! Plus Nate's Mom has moved down since then and got to spend the evening with us (So fun - a carnie let us both on the carousel for free and I'm pretty sure I have her to thank. Work it, Mom!). So the carnival came, and next is the Forest Festival, and I'm trying to talk the weather into going along with the program and pretending it's Fall.
Literally the two handsomest guys around.

Family outing on the ferris wheel. Milo was so excited!

Again... SO handsome.

I sat this one out.

Why yes, Pegs did get on the horse, and I've got the picture to prove it.

Love Milo's delighted face here.

Family carousel photo

Is Lucy smiling here?

This little sweetie loves to snuggle.

HAD to have the cotton candy.

One sweaty mommy and two happy kids


  1. I DID get on, but guess I didn't work it good enough made me get off before the ride started...Well it was fun wile it lasted AND the entire night was great fun...Thanks for letting me be part of it.

  2. Ah! I did not even know the VFW carnival had come and gone! I thought it was AFTER the forest festival!! oh, boo! But, glad y'all had a great time, and the pictures are so sweet! :)