Monday, September 30, 2013

Alligator A

Milo has been extra-curious about letters lately, and he's really good at spotting quite a few of them. That said, I realized it's time to really buckle down and teach him all the letters and then work on reading (slowly, ever so slowly... not trying to push him too fast but he's just so curious). So I borrowed from Emily's pinboard (she's teaching at Mother's Day Out) and started with the letter A today. Milo was so excited about making a "letter craft" that he couldn't even be bothered with getting dressed.

We started out by talking about the letter A.

Then Milo glued green "alligator skin" on the letter A.

Still gluing...

Okay, so I skipped the pictures on a few steps... Gluing the teeth, and then the alligator eating the Big A's and the Baby A's... And then the eyeballs, which are totally NOT glued where I would have put them, but I was trying to let Milo do his thing and not be too bossy... Imagine the alligator turned on his side instead of upright...
The computer cabinet is now the display board for the day. Hooray for letter A!

In the end, Milo was delighted (he is my child, bless him, and he loves a craft), learned the upper and lower case letter A, and made a craft that he was so excited about he literally giggled and said, "I can't wait to show Daddy what I made!" Ladies and gentlemen, I'd say that was 20 minutes well spent. Happy Monday!

Oh, and here's a link to the craft if you're just itching to make an alligator today...

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