Thursday, September 26, 2013

A busy week

Ohhhhhh. Some day I'll have the time to actually give you real updates, and funny stories, and blabbity blab like I used to... Here's a quick blurb, though. Milo has been having a rough time with bedtime again (what's new, right?). He was up until midnight Tuesday, and last night it was 11:00 when he came out with an emergency. "Daddy, I need to show you this." He was rolling his tongue. Just like he's done since he was a year old. But we definitely needed to see it right then... This busy little boy doesn't like to slow down for bed, but he'll learn.

Here's a quick photo update. Happy Thursday!

This cutie has some big boots to fill, but he's working on it.

Lucy is already sitting up really well, so we put her in the Bumbo for just a few minutes here and there.

Lucy is already rocking the nerd-chic look, thanks to her big brother, who "helped" her accessorize the other day.

Smiley girl on her tummy!

A great outfit, thanks to Auntie Jen (shirt) and Auntie Ann (shoes). Two of her super-stylish aunts making one super-stylish baby girl.
We took the kids to the Forest Festival with Big Paul (Milo's nickname for him), Emily, and Lilypaul. These four were pretty darn interested in the lumberjack competition. Emily and I were busy giving the stankeye to a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette (grrrr).

These two had a blast together!
Milo was brave this year and fed the goats. He loves animals of all shapes and sizes, but he doesn't always want to touch them...

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