Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This and that

So I learned a valuable lesson today - apparently I don't wear my son out enough. Sure, educational play, reading, crafts, etc. are wonderful and mind-building. But nothing beats a two-hour romp through the local park and splash area to perpetuate a 3-hour nap. I'll take it. We're about to start running laps in the backyard more often.

I finished Lucy's quilt! I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but I backed it with minky fabric, which I also overlapped onto the front. I also tied it down with plum embroidery floss to make it extra stable (and cute - I love the look). Nate's working on trim and chair rail this weekend (hopefully), and her room just might be finished before she gets here. Fingers crossed! I have to get busy on my other projects, including making a fabric scrap swag for the window and making slipcovers for Milo's blue glider. No more procrastinating, that's for sure, because when all that is done, I'll have just enough time to steam the carpet, wash her clothes, and set the room up. WHEW! Four weeks from yesterday to due date!

And now here's a gratuitous photo of the cutest child alive. He's really interested in wrapping up in his straw glasses, but not so much in drinking through them. Thumbs up!

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