Friday, May 10, 2013

Project Central

I'm a happy camper for two (main) reasons. Number one, Lucy's room is coming along. Nate took the tape down so you can really see what some yellow stripes will look like. Gray is going up on the bottom this weekend.
The stripes are mustard, although they look a little orangey in these pictures.

Gray going up on the bottom, and then a chair rail to separate the two.

Number two, I've been working on a little project... A quilt for Lucy! I'm in the home stretch - all I need now is the minky (I feel uncomfortable saying this word) fabric for the backing, which will also form a purple border around the very edge on the front. What do you think? It (obviously) has its imperfections, as the only other quilt I've ever made was for my textiles class in college, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Really, could you go wrong with these adorable fabrics no matter what?

Fabric close-up

Just another fun angle.
In other news, I thought Milo was asleep today for his nap, so I sat down to have a few Cool Ranch Doritos (which I normally don't love, but I have been wanting them all week). Well, lo and behold, my child had been lying in his bed for an hour and was still not asleep, and he took the opportunity to start shouting and talking. I marched myself in there to give him a spanking (because this is week 2 of the no-napping business), picked him up, and he gave me the most withering look. "Mommy, your breath smells like onions."

Oh the drama. I couldn't even spank him because I was too busy laughing. So, instead, I rocked my 2 1/2 year old to sleep for naptime. Good grief. Thank goodness it's Friday!

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