Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Shower Photos!

Here are just a few I wanted to share. I'm sure more will follow as I get them in. And I spared you the pain of seeing the litany of photos of me opening gifts, a different crazy look on my face in each and every one.
My fabulous (and exquisitely delicious) cake, made with love by Gary and Amanda.

Best snack spread of all times and amazing collage in the background (made by Emily).

Ann got her craft on and made a diaper cake!

Look at my hot mom!

Ann and I (me with the super squinty eyes this time)

My fabulous hostesses (and a few mini-hostesses)

Again, my fabulous hostesses who love me so much and make sure I know it all the time.

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  1. Your mom is every bit as cute as I remember!