Monday, May 13, 2013

Quick Update

Quick update - the gray is on the bottom of the walls in Lucy's room! Now Nate is going to paint purple flowers over the top of some of the stripes, distress the trim, and add a chair rail. Yippee! Things are coming together, and thank goodness. After all, our little lady is just about 5 weeks out now (well, from the due date...)

We had an awesome Mother's Day! Nate and Milo spoiled me rotten and took me to Kingwood for lunch and a bit of walking/shopping/hanging out. Any time that I get to spend with the two of them is extra-treasured these days, because Nate is still so busy at work. We had so much fun and I got some priceless photos!
The two handsomest men on the planet

Mommy and her little man

Trying out some tiny recliners
Tomorrow? I'll show you the photo booth pictures Nate and Milo gave me for Mother's Day. So fantastic. Happy Monday!

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