Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Milo lingo

One of the funnest things about having an almost-two year old is listening to the new words and phrases he comes up with every day. Like, all of a sudden, he's referring to himself as "me." Today he told me "cars racing" as he moved them all over the table. We looked at pictures from the other day and he literally said, "Daddy, me, bow ties." And the other day he completely astounded me when we looked at a colors book and he said every one, including gray (he previously only said blue and red).

Yep, he's a clever one, that Milo. But I love that he still calls Bruiser "Zoozies," his feet "feeps," and the color red "za." Hanging out with Milo is a trip for sure. I'm thinking a video is going to be in order really soon...

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