Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cozy up

I remember caring a lot about pajamas when I was younger. I know for a fact that my mom dressed us in footie blanket sleepers until we were well into elementary school, and thank goodness. We grew up in the North, and there's nothing worse first thing in the morning than warm feet on a cold floor. Anyway, something happened around high school or college, and I think it was the fact that people started wearing their pajamas out in public, and they just didn't seem special anymore.

Fast forward a number of years to the precious Dantlets, who rocked pjs, slippers, and robes on a regular basis, and I decided that sleepwear was cool again (mainly for small children). And then came Milo, who wears a pair of footies more adorably than anyone I've ever seen. You know about the Cars slippers that he wears faithfully, and we bought him some big boy, two-piece pajamas with no feet. All he needs now is a robe and he's well on his way to becoming a sleepwear model. He's had lots of practice recently - we've been staying in pjs most of the day lately thanks to the little Sprout!

Just so you know, Nate is standing mere inches from Milo here - I don't just stand him up on the table and hope for the best...


  1. This photo reminded me of the time that we drove into Chicago for something - the Art Institute? - and stopped by to see the Dants, and when Jen's back was turned, the oldest Dantlet climbed right up on the table like it was no big deal! It was adorable, of course, and terrifying.

    1. Oh man, what good memories! Next time I'm in the area, we're going to have to go to the Art Institute again, just for old time's sake. :)