Thursday, November 15, 2012

Check, check, check

Here's how you know you are really and truly pregnant (well, aside from peeing on a little stick or seeing your doctor...):

1. You spend 20 minutes weeping over a Pinterest pin of the 40 most powerful photos of all times.

2. You then try to distract yourself by moving to another room and end up crying over your son's two little shoes lying by the door where he took them off himself.

3. You spend days unable to choke down anything more than mashed potatoes and ginger ale, and then find yourself eating four crispy tacos (with beans instead of meat) from Taco Bell at 10:00 at night.

4. You can smell your dogs wherever they are. Even when they're outside.

5. Simple tasks like throwing in a load of laundry become daunting, and spending an hour playing Bingo on the iPad trumps every other activity.

6. Even thinking about going to the freezer to take out some chicken to thaw literally makes you run to the bathroom and puke.

7. Your cheeks are sunken in while your stomach has given up and rounded out at 9 weeks (muscle memory sucks).

8. Texas-shaped tortilla chips taste better than almost anything.

9. One minute you're alert, and then you're startled awake several hours later.

10. Did you forget about the crying? Because sure enough, you'll be all emotional about something any second now...

Okay, checked the list, and all 10 are accurate. Oh my word, guys. I think I'm pregnant!

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