Friday, October 21, 2016

Little squishy pumpkins

Well, some more crafting happened. I bought a crafty fabric pumpkin at a cute little local store (Bloom at the Lufkin Farmer's Market - if you are local you MUST go), and then started thinking about how I could probably do it myself. And then I realized that I had another Pinterest item pinned (here at Thoughts from Alice) with a tutorial on exactly how to make it happen.

This is another super easy craft and took almost no time at all! Cut a fabric circle, Loosely stitch around the top, stuff with pillow stuffing, add a little stick for the stem, then cinch it up and tie it off! She recommended using spanish moss for the decoration around the stem, so I went with it. Oh. My. Word. Disastrous mess everywhere in my dining room and kitchen. I'm sure this wouldn't happen to everyone, but oh my, I am a mess-maker. Anyway, all that to say, I have seen them topped with raffia instead, and I would tell you to go with that if you're trying to decide. I hot glued it all down, then added little fabric leaves and ribbon, and biggety bam, done. Look how cute they are!

Milo actually provided quality control, telling me which pumpkins he liked the best and what the others needed. Lucy just liked that they were tiny, squishy pumpkins, but she's easy to please.

In other news, I came out in a fitted shirt this morning (I am usually in fairly loose stuff, just because that's my style), and Milo said, "Oh, Mommy! Did our baby grow overnight?" He makes me smile.

Hope you have a wonderful and craft-tastic Friday!

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