Tuesday, October 18, 2016

HEB talk

Fall is in the air..

... for pretty much everyone except people living in Texas. It has been about a million degrees outside, and I need the weather to cooperate and let me wear several super cute maternity pieces I've been waiting on cooler weather to wear. I am so eternally grateful that I am going to be the large and in charge pregnant during (hopefully) chillier weather, because being hot ALWAYS makes me cranky. (Just being honest.)

So, mommy of the year here. Lucy brought a Lego girl to the grocery store with us today. Why did I think this would be a good idea? We (and I do mean SHE) dropped the hair, then the bottom half, then the little princess sceptre that was in its hand, then the whole thing, over and over and over again. I leaned over and picked up those pieces until I thought I wasn't going to be able to get back up (hello, 22 weeks pregnant - squat, don't bend), and the last time I did, I said under my breath, "Sweet Jesus." I thought I got away scot free on that one.

Fast forward about 10 minutes to the checkout line (you already knew this was coming, right?). As Lucy tried to throw a package of hot dog buns onto the belt, she missed, and in true Lucyloud fashion, half-yelled, "Sweet JESUS, Mommy."

I don't think I need to tell you how many disapproving looks I got as I casually hissed, "Lucy Jane, we do NOT say that," in her ear. I promise you she raised an eyebrow and just shook her head at me. Lord help me, this is on some days the only reason I don't cuss.


  1. I nearly peed my pants reading this!!! We have MANY ....EMBARRASSING..... moments at the store. Its like, sometimes my girls wait until we are out in public where everyone can see before they choose to act out and do something off the wall....

    1. It does feel that way! Angels at home (hmmmmm, or at least close) and mouthy when we go out!