Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Houston Rodeo 2016

It's rodeo time of year here in Texas, and may I be honest with you?
It's one of my favorites. We're on the rodeo circuit, just as fans instead of competitors, and we started it out yesterday in Houston. What a chill day for us! Our little people rode rides, pet animals (if I could have fit a tiny little solid black goat kid into my backpack, I would totally have had a new pet), rode ponies (Lucy decided to do it all by herself this year!), devoured cotton candy, sat enthralled through the entire rodeo, and yes, Milo and I milked a faux cow. Success!

First ride of the day.


Milking like a pro. Lucy refused to touch it.

Thumbs up!

I think Milo was BORN liking horses.

This child LOVES a ride. The faster, the better.


WHAT??? Family photo? This never happens!

Such cool seats!

This photo melts my heart.

Oh, Lucy Jane. So very tired, but still smiling and giggling at everything.

Milo's face here cracks me up. He was SO tired and had eaten SO MUCH cotton candy. It made for an interesting demeanor...

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