Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving recap

It's the first of December, and I'm all snuggled up in a turtleneck tunic sweater and skinny cords. Not because I need to be, mind you, but because I'm determined to wear a snuggly outfit, even if it is going to be in the 60's today... I will tell you, though, that I noticed the leaves around us beginning to change. I'm going to have to take some pictures and make a HUGE fuss (this is a warning to you) so that I can enjoy a little autumn around here. You know, just as everyone is gearing up for the winter holidays.

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? My heart was so full this year. We ended up with quite the unconventional celebration, but I didn't mind. We had brunch with my mom and Gary, Bryan and Sarah and the kids, and my wonderful mother-in-law. I was initially a bit sad because we were without so much of my family, but we ended up outside with the little people playing croquet, and it turned out so nicely. Then we headed home for naps, and afterward took a giant spread over to the Foys for a Thanksgiving dinner (which, might I say, was AMAZING - Amanda and I make quite the cooking team).

Thanksgiving continued into the weekend, because we saw Nate's side of the family Saturday evening (for Qwirkle - THANKS, Delaney!!!!) and again Sunday morning for donuts. I must admit that by yesterday morning, I was exhausted, but in the best possible way.

And now we're back to business as usual. Milo and I got back to work on school after taking the entire Thanksgiving week off. My child is a genius. You already knew this, though, so that's not news. I've been trying to challenge him by printing off some beginning readers and having him work on them. My plans have been foiled when I expect to take several days working through something, though, because he just sits down and reads (and comprehends, mind you) them in one small sitting. Reading is going to be such a treat for him because he loves to learn. Can you imagine when he doesn't have to rely solely on me to acquire information?

And sweet Lucy. She decided yesterday that she wanted to do school, too... This entails her sitting at the table with us and being entirely distracting (in the most adorable way possible). But I finally figured out what to give her - flashcards. It didn't matter which kind I passed her, letters, animals, whatever. She was delighted. She is such a sorter that it cracks me up. I can always count on her to arrange things by colors, or by shapes, or by animals. A week or two ago she ate a bowl of Fruit Loops one color at a time. It took her forever, but at least it was entertaining.

Anyway, it's a countdown until my sweet baby boy turns 5. Let's pretend like it's not coming until the day before, shall we? Hope you're having a wonderful week already!

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