Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Vision in Sassy

Lucy came out of the bathroom yesterday shaking her head at me, clearly upset.

"Mommy, my hair is all wet."

I gently stroked her wet hair and said, "Baby, what happened? Why is your hair all wet?"

"It's wet from the potty water. I put my hands in the potty and now my hair is all wet."

And that's how it goes around here.

I also came in today while Lucy was making poo. She was seated on her potty chair, and had pulled over the little stool from the sink so she could put her feet up while she did her business. Milo later reported that she was also counting to 23 while she was in there (higher than she will ever admit to counting - she was probably doing complex equations and spelling Mississippi while she was at it). I wish I had a picture to show you how perfectly content and comfortable she was.

Instead I'll give you this.

My little spitfire. She told me that she was "a vision in pink" and also a farmer on her way to the farm. I could not love this little nugget any more.

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