Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ice Cream Dates and Book Times

Have I raved enough about my sweet, hilarious, brilliant son on this blog or not?

This week we've had some busy days, and there have been a few days that Milo has told me, "Mommy, could we just sit down and talk? We haven't gotten to just sit down and talk to each other today." I actually took him on a little date Monday night so we could do just that, and I literally walked around with tears in my eyes most of the time enjoying this amazing little creature. Talk about a quality time love language kind of person (although I'm convinced that children just speak all of the love languages and we should just go ahead and cultivate that).

We have book time every morning after these little people wake up. We snuggle up on the couch with juice (Lucy's equivalent of coffee), and I read at least three books (let's be honest - now that they both want to pick, we end up with a LOT more most days). This morning I was trying to switch over laundry, make Nate some coffee, and clean up the rest of the kitchen mess from company last night (I should always just do this before I go to bed), and as I looked out into the living room, I realized that my little people were snuggled together under a blanket and Milo was reading to Lucy. So many things involved in that one sentence, right? Sweet snuggling, and my smarty-pants Milo who is reading well enough to tackle whole books. I asked if they wanted me to jump in and read and Milo said he would really like to keep reading to Lucy, which was so heartwarming I couldn't encroach. I heard him say, "Okay, Lucy, I'll read you six more books," as Lucy danced over to the bookshelf with glee.

These are the kinds of moments that I am so humbled by (Remember my previous blog about humility? This is a whole new level...).

Just as an aside, here is an example of the kind of things I find all over my house...

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