Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life with Lucy Jane

I was awakened somewhere around 3 this morning by a sneeze to the face. Just think through how that feels for a quick second...

It was Lucy, and she apparently had to go to the bathroom. Three times in a row, by the way. Yes, multiple times of falling almost all the way asleep, just to have a groggy two-year old startle you back awake for another trip to the potty (and, just for the record, she can do it by herself). 

Just as I was getting really irritated, she had to melt my heart. As she sat on the potty, she looked up through her messy curls and remarked on my giant sleep shirt, "Oooooh, Mommy. Cute dress!"

Life with Lucy Jane.

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  1. I feel you. Louis has had a nasty phlegmmy cough for the last week. We bedshare, so that means I've had a LONG week of LONG nights of wet coughs to the face. And also that I've been since myself since Friday.