Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pom drop

I spend some time on Pinterest, mostly to get ideas for homeschool and activities for my little people (and fashion and makeup and hair... I have to tell the truth here). I see a lot of activities that seem awesome if only someone else would set them up and clean up after the fun is had. We had a bit of time between lunch and nap today, and I thought I'd try out something simple and easy.

Dropping poms down a cardboard tube. Seems simple enough, right? I added a degree of difficulty - pinching the poms with plastic tongs, and my little people were ready to go. And they liked it! Lucy was entertained for way longer than Milo, but I expected that because this is entertainment for younger kids. But after they both tired of the poms (dropping them down the tubes, transferring them from bowl to bowl, etc.) we did an experiment (and learned what an experiment is) and tried dropping different sized and shaped things down the tube to see what fit. I'm not going to lie - all of this happened within 20 minutes, but at least it was 20 minutes well spent. Success!

Pinching anything with tongs is a fun idea.

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