Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fall gymnastics

So, friends, THIS happened yesterday. Lucy's first ever day of gymnastics, and Milo's first day back since the spring. Can you tell they were a little excited?

These people. I'm smitten.

Lucy, in fact, did NOT nap before her class. It sounded like a party in her room, and all my storming in and spanking could not squelch her spirit. She was ready to go. She, in fact, said, "Rock 'n roll, beebees!" no fewer than 10 times on the way out the door.

And she was brave! This girl is undeterred by heights. She walked the balance beam like a champ and hung from the rings and the bar with no problem (and reminded me how extremely looooooong she really is). She was always the first one to try things in her class of four. I will say, though, that being upside down for handstands and backbends was not her favorite. In fact, her lack of nap kicked in and she would start to cry for me a bit. No worries, because she loves Ms. Amy her teacher and I think she'll end up doing them just to please her.

This girl was ready for class! Note - that IS a leotard. In future pictures you might see a little more leg (because, as you know, I am obsessed with Lucy's perfect, strong little legs).

Lucy liked sitting RIGHT by Ms. Amy.

This was right before she cried a little...

Loved the beam.

Looooooooong little baby girl!

Milo's class was immediately after Lucy's, and while we've gotten lucky in the past to have other little boys, he's the only one this time in a class full of girls. Milo also adores Ms. Amy, and he couldn't stop grinning at her (and she is so delighted with him). At one point, she made him the line leader and he led all the girls out to the drinking fountain. They were taking a bit, so Amy went to check on them, and when she came back in she was practically melting. She informed me that Milo hadn't had his drink yet because he told her that he needed to let all the girls go first. And then I nearly cried because he is so delightful and is turning into such a gentleman (he's also taken to holding doors for everyone, especially older ladies - LOVE this child).

Milo got right back into the swing of things and really flourished! He can practically run down the balance beam on his own now, has gotten off of his head in his backbends, and has finally figured out how to stand straight up out of a front roll (instead of rolling over on his side and heaving himself up). I'm so thankful that we have gymnastics during the week, because all of the other activities he wants to do take place on the Sabbath, so they're out (ARGH, youth soccer and kickball. Help a mommy out!).

Just showing off a bit.

Note that he is grinning at Ms. Amy. No winking today, though. I'm sure she was disappointed!

Check out those strong arms!

Milo has been practicing handstands against the wall, so this was a piece of cake for him.

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