Monday, August 24, 2015

Making changes

I've been having a super cranky time lately. I've been trying to do too much, and it doesn't work out, and the only people who really lose out on this one are my little people and I. So I'm trimming things down, saying NO again (I know, I know, I vow this all the time.), and leaving out things I thought were essential but really aren't (5 a.m. workouts had to be the first to go).

Today I slept until 7. I took a nice walk/run by myself when Nate got home from the gym. I had my quiet time, drank a big cup of coffee, and planned out my day. And guess what? So far, so good. I feel more patient and ready to have fun with these little people. Discipline issues haven't sent me to my bathroom crying (although, let's be clear - there have been some frustrations). I didn't look at the clock a single time this morning wishing it was naptime. This is huge, people. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things I'm doing that I don't take the time to just be. So with just two weeks before I start school with Milo, I'm re-organizing how things are going to look around here, and I'm excited about what I see (not stressed or exhausted imagining it).

We did more artwork outside. This time I pulled out the watercolors, brushes, and banner paper and we got down to business. For a short amount of time before we got down to business with some new water guns and Milo's Jeep. You can plan all you want - little people always change the plans. We just rolled with it today and had a blast.

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Serious business here.

Just for fun, a little shot of the two sweetest, most wonderful little people in the world.

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