Friday, February 6, 2015

A little orange gem

My grandparents quit smoking with Tic-Tacs. I was young when it happened, so there may have been more to it, but in my mind, it's as simple that. And as far as I'm concerned, that's incredibly amazing and takes a world of willpower.

But that's not what I was thinking about when I was a kid. What I was thinking was that Tic-Tacs for them meant Tic-Tacs for us. Grandpa always had a few extra to shake into our outstretched hands, and we also got containers of orange ones to take home with us. Have you ever seen a kid with a container of Tic-Tacs? It's like pure joy all shaken up in one little clear box, and it registers all over a little person's face. I know because Milo and Lucy have recently discovered these little gems... (and I do mean gems because they're perfect for small bribes, a parent's secret weapon).

Anyway, all this to say, Milo and Lucy love orange Tic-Tacs. And even though the orange ones were never my very favorite (don't get me wrong - I wouldn't have said no to any color), I'm enjoying them more than ever now because they make me think so much of Grandpa and Grandma.

All this to say, orange Tic-Tacs. Nostalgia and utility all in the same tiny package. That's what I'm talking about.

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